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Geobiology Symposium XXIII Paleontology – Paleobiology – Geobiology

Friday, February 27, 2015 - 10:15am to 5:00pm

358 Hayden


10:15  Lauren SALLAN, University of Pennsylvania
          The nearshore realm as the cradle of early vertebrate ecomorphological diversification
10:40  Conrad LABANDEIRA, National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), Smithsonian
          The Messel food web from the Mid Eocene of central-western Germany
11:05  Jennifer ANNÉ, University of Manchester, UK
          Physiology and physics: Synchrotron-based chemohistology of extant and extinct bone
11:30  Irina KORETSKY & S.J. RAHMAT, Howard University, Washington, D.C.
          Origin and dispersal of true seals (Phocidae)

___________   COFFEE BREAK at 11:55 am

12:15  Qingqing XU, Sun Yet-Sen University, Guangzhou, CHINA & NMNH
          Plant-insect associations from an earliest Permian flora from North-Central Texas
12:40  Gussie McCRACKEN, University of Maryland & NMNH
          Plant-insect associations of Late Cretaceous Laramidia, western North America
1:05    John CLARKE, University of Pennsylvania
          Elevated rates of phenotypic evolution and greater body shape innovation in fossil teleosts with duplicate genomes

___________   LUNCH at 1:30 pm

2:30    Steve WANG, Swarthmore College
          All Creatures Great and Small: The history of animal size over the Phanerozoic
2:55    Rachel A. Merz, Swarthmore College
          Organismal perspectives on moving through and over sediment
3:20    Carlos PEREDO, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA & NMNH
           A statistical analysis of marine mammal dispersal routes across major ocean regions using beta diversity at the generic level

___________   COFFEE BREAK at 3:45 pm

4:10  Paul ULLMANN, Drexel University
         Brief rare earth element uptake by bone at the Standing Rock Edmontosaurus bonebed, Corson County, SD
 4:35  Kara LUDWIG, University of Pennsylvania
         Unearthing the roots of mammalian diversity: The quality of the cynodont fossil record

                        Concurrent Poster Session

Steven JASINSKI, University of Pennsylvania
    Carnivoran faunal dynamics during the Middle Miocene of southwestern North America

Adam LAING, University of Pennsylvania
    New methods for discrimination of vertebrate posture

Liguo LI, University of Pennsylvania
    Biomechanical function variation in long-necks of extant animals and its implication for Sauropoda

Hermann W. PFEFFERKORN, University of Pennsylvania
    Plant dispersal 330 million years ago, moving continents, and oscillating climate

___________   END at 5:00 pm


Department of Earth and Environmental Science / University of Pennsylvania, 251 Hayden Hall, 240 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6316