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Sustainability and Environmental Management Minor

Sustainability and Environmental Management Minor

This is a 6 CU University Interschool Minor. As a University Interschool Minor, each student should be advised by the designated advisor in his/her home school.

ENVS 100 (SAS): Introduction to Environmental Science (1 CU)

EAS 401 (SEAS): Energy and its impacts: technology, ecology, economics and sustainability, OR
EAS 402 (SEAS): Renewable energy and its impact
EAS 403 (SEAS): Energy Systems and Policy

Two out of the three following courses:
BEPP/OPIM 261/SYS 567 (Wharton): Risk Analysis and Environmental Management
BEPP/OPIM 263 (Wharton): Environmental and Energy Economics
LGST 215/815 (Wharton): Environmental Management Law and Policy

The other two courses should be chosen from the following electives:

LGST 215: Environmental Law and Business
LGST 230: Social Impact and Responsibility
BEPP/OPIM 261/SYS 567: Risk Analysis and Environmental Management
BEPP/OPIM 263: Environmental and Energy Economics

(any of the three above may be used as an elective if not used as a required course)

BIOL 140: Humans and the Environment
BIOL 240: Ecology and Population Biology
BIOL 456: Issues in Conservation
CBE 375: Engineering and the Environment
ENVS 204: Global Climate Change
ENVS 301: Case Studies in the Environment
ENVS 312: Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics and Implications for Future Climate Change
ENVS 400: Environmental Studies Seminar
ENVS 401: Water Resources in the Middle East
ENVS 402: Environmental Chemistry
ENVS 403: Case Studies in Ecology
ENVS 404: The Urban Environment
ENVS 437: Global Water Issues
ENVS 463: Urban Brownfields
ENVS 494: Toward Environmental Sustainability on Penn's Campus
ESE 400: Engineering Economics
GEOL 421: Elemental Cycling in Global Systems
INSR 205: Risk Management


Students interested in the OEVM minor should contact the advisor for their school listed below:

  • SAS: Maria Antonia Andrews
  • SEAS: Dr. Wen K. Shieh
  • Wharton: Joanne Spigonardo

Department of Earth and Environmental Science / University of Pennsylvania, 251 Hayden Hall, 240 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6316