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ENVS200 to be replaced with ENVS100

The Department of Earth & Environmental Science would like to bring an important course change to your attention as you look ahead to planning for the 2016-2017 academic year.

ENVS200 will no longer be offered

For many years, ENVS200 (Introduction to Environmental Earth Science) served as a gateway course into the Earth Science (EASC; previously GEOL) and Environmental Studies (ENVS) majors, and fulfilled General Education requirements for Sector VI (Physical World) and the Quantitative Data Analysis (QDA) foundational approach. The last offering of this course was Fall 2015.

ENVS100 will replace ENVS200

Beginning in Spring 2017, and in every Spring semester thereafter, we will be offering ENVS100 (Introduction to Environmental Science). The new course will fulfill Sector VI (Physical World) and Quantitative Data Analysis (QDA) requirements, pending expected approval from the Curriculum Committee. The new course will also serve as a required gateway course for the ENVS major, and for the Environmental Science Concentration in the EASC major.

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