The ELP has a wealth of experience in designing workshops, courses, and entire programs of language study and cultural experiences for sponsors such as foundations, multinational corporations, universities, and government agencies. We offer custom programs for several reasons: 1] our regularly scheduled programs do not always take place when it is convenient for participants to study; and 2] our regularly scheduled programs do not always include the types of academic and sociocultural experiences that sponsors are seeking. The ELP works closely with sponsors to design a program of study that fully meets the needs of the participants.

Participants: Participants in custom programs can range from university students to people who work in the business world or in professions such as law, architecture, dental medicine, nursing, engineering, and education. In most custom programs, the number of participants ranges from 15 to 45.

Length and Scheduling: A special program can last from several weeks to several months and can be scheduled at any time of the year except in late December when the University is closed.

Housing: Participants in custom programs generally stay in university dormitory rooms or in International House, both of which are located just minutes from the heart of campus. With sufficient notice, homestays with families living near campus also can be arranged.

Dining: Various dining options are available for participants in custom programs. University Dining Services offers a changing menu with a wide variety of food. Alternatively, participants in some custom programs prefer to purchase their own meals from food vendors and restaurants that surround the campus. In addition to local and regional cuisines, these vendors offer many types of international cuisines, for example Japanese, Korean, Thai, Mexican, Arabic, and Indian.

Getting to Philadelphia: The Philadelphia International Airport is just a 15-minute ride from campus. All major US airline carriers and several foreign carriers schedule flights to Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a major hub of domestic and international operations for US Air.

Prices: The cost of a special program will vary greatly depending on factors such as the number of participants, the number and size of classes, the length and intensity of the program, and the number and type of sociocultural experiences. In general, the practical minimum number of participants is 15, and the costs can decrease when the number of participants increases.