The Intensive Program and Super-Intensive Program offer a wide variety of courses because students have many reasons for wanting to learn English. Many of the students in these programs plan to study at a university in the United States after they finish studying English. Other students have careers in business or in the professions that require the use of English. Some students simply want to study English because it is useful to them for traveling and for socializing.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum of the Intensive Program consists of nearly 40 courses and 8 levels of proficiency in English--from beginning to advanced. Intensive Program classes are scheduled throughout the day. Some begin as early as 8:00 in the morning, and some end around 5:00 in the evening. In all of the courses, students have homework assignments or activities to complete outside of class.

During the first three days of the session, students take a placement test to help us determine which level is best for them. They also participate in activities that introduce them to life on campus and in the US. At the end of each 2-month session, students are evaluated by their instructors and are promoted to the next level if they have made sufficient progress. ELP levels are bench-marked to the Common European Framework of Reference proficiency levels. Please click here to see the ELP-CEFR level equivalency chart.  Students will be awarded a certificate at the end of each session if they meet the ELP attendance requirements.

Most students study full-time, which is 20 academic hours or more a week. Super-intensive study options of 22 and 24 hours per week are also available. Some students study part-time, which at the elementary levels is 10 hours a week and at the intermediate and advanced levels is 5, 10, or 15 hours a week. All Business Intensive students study full-time for 20 hours per week.  Only full-time students (20 hours per week or more) are eligible to receive F-1 student visas.

100-500 Level: Elementary to Intermediate Courses at these levels focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and they include many activities that students complete outside of class. These activities help students practice their English and learn more about life in the United States. Students choose which activities they would like to do, and then they work alone or with their classmates to complete them. The activities take place at many different locations on campus and in Philadelphia. Descriptions of these courses can be found under the Level 100-500 Courses menu.

600-700 Level: Intermediate Students at these levels are assigned one of three multi-skilled core courses. To complete their schedule, students choose two elective courses. Courses at these levels also have many activities for students to do outside of class. In the 600 core course, for example, students and their instructors visit a courthouse and see part of a trial. Descriptions of these courses can be found under the Level 600-700 Courses menu.

800 Level: Advanced Students at this level choose all of their courses. There are 16 courses at the advanced level, so students can study at this level for several 2-month sessions if they want. Descriptions of these courses can be found under the Level 800 Courses menu. Some students at the advanced level combine their Intensive Program courses with credit courses in the College of Liberal and Professional Studies if they meet the standards for admission and the application deadlines.

Super-Intensive Courses: Super-Intensive study options allow Intensive Program students to take additional evening courses to make the most of their study experience. Descriptions for these courses can be found under the Super-Intensive Courses menu.

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