Tuition and Fees

Prices are valid through Summer 1, 2017; however, tuition and fees are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania and may change without notice.

University Connection

Tuition & Fees One Session (2 months)
Multi-session Discount: Rate per session*
Enrollment Fee $90 $90
Tuition** $4,451 $4,089
Fees $496 $496
Insurance*** $214 $214
Total $5,251 $4,889

University Connection Plus

Tuition & FeesOne Session (2 months)
Multi-session Discount: Rate per session*
Enrollment Fee$90$90

* The multi-session discount on tuition and fees applies when a student enrolls and pays in advance for any multiple of 2 or more sessions within the tuition year. For 2 or more sessions, multiply by the total number of sessions. Summer 1 and Summer 2 cannot be combined, as prices change beginning with the Summer 2 session.

After the initial enrollment, if the student elects to re-enroll, the additional single session will be charged at the full rate.

** The tuition includes a non-refundable deposit of $310, due along with the $90 Enrollment Fee at time of application.

*** All full-time student visa holders (F-1 or J-1) must purchase major medical insurance through the ELP. Download a brochure with information about the insurance to review our insurance policy. Full-time students not on a F-1 or J-1 visa must provide proof of personal health insurance coverage.

The ELP is not able to offer any form of financial aid. Please note that students are responsible for other expenses such as housing, meals, personal expenses and books.

Refund Policy

Read the Refund Policy here.