Knowledge by the Slice

What makes an insightful, educational faculty lunch-time lecture series even more appetizing? Pizza, of course! It's a new year and the School of Arts and Sciences is serving up a new batch of experts.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a unique perspective on some of today's most exciting research areas. And most importantly, have a slice on us!

Upcoming events in this series:


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Kristen GhodseeSex and Superpower Rivalry: Women's Rights and Cold War Competition at the United Nations, 1968-1989 Cohen Hall, Terrace Room, 249 S. 36th Street

During the Cold War, ideological competition between the capitalist West and the state socialist East fueled scientific and technological progress as the superpowers endeavored to outdo each other in the space race and the development of superior weapons of mass destruction. But superpower rivalries also impacted social progress as each Bloc vied for the hearts and minds of the citizens of the newly independent countries in the Global South. In this talk, Kristen R. Ghodsee, a professor of Russian and East European Studies, will explore the impacts of Cold War rhetoric on the progress of women's rights.

Penn Arts and Sciences' Knowledge by the Slice lunchtime series offers educational talks led by insightful faculty experts. Did we mention there's pizza? So sit back, relax—and have a slice on us.

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