Thomas and Yvonne Williams Symposia for the Advancement of Logic, Philosophy and Technology

The Thomas and Yvonne Williams Fund for the Advancement of Logic and Philosophy has been established at the University of Pennsylvania to expose a wide audience to the value of the correct application of reason. The goal is to present logic as the formal study of reason and philosophy as the application of reason to significant problems in human experience. The fund will support a variety of educational activities including a university-level lecture series as well as lectures and seminars at the upper-school level. The fund’s academic director is Scott Weinstein, director of the program in Logic, Information and Computation. An advisory board, under the direction of Thomas Williams and Scott Weinstein, assists the fund in defining programs.

Thomas Williams, C’77, GEE’81, studied logic and philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to complete a successful career in electronic trading of financial instruments. He established the fund because of the profound influence the study of logic has had in his approach to technology, finance and entrepreneurship.