August 15, 2017

World Cafe Live Upstairs
3025 Walnut Street
  • James Aguirre

    Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Watching the Hidden Evolution of Galaxies

Penn Science Cafe

The galaxies seen in the universe today are the result of a long process of formation and evolution. It is a remarkable fact that by using the finite speed of light, one can view galaxies as they were in the past, and the very expansion of the universe provides a way to measure the distance to them, together providing 3-D snapshots of galaxies changing over time. The most detailed and comprehensive picture of the universe comes from visible light, but much of the story of galaxy formation is only available if we are able to look at infrared and radio wavelengths. Aguirre will discuss his work on new instruments to view this heretofore invisible process and how it is linked to the larger evolution of the universe.

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