February 23, 2018

12:30PM - 4:30PM
Irvine Auditorium
Amado Recital Hall
3401 Spruce Street

2018 Grad Ben Talks

Grad Ben Talks

Please join us for an afternoon of TED Talk-style presentations by Penn Arts and Sciences graduate students representing the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and professional master's programs.

Judges select winners in each of the four categories for a $500 cash prize.  There will also be a $500 cash prize for the overall Audience Choice Winner, selected by online votes.

The event is open to the Penn community and the general public.  And there's plenty of delicious food throughout the day!


12:30 | Professional Master's/Other Presentations 

  • Rachel Apanewicz-Delgado, Master of Organizational Dynamics
    Beyond Siri and Alexa:  The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

  • Rashida Holmes, Master of Liberal Arts
    How Black Women's Self-Perception Can Inform More Effective Public Health Messaging Around Obesity

  • Grace Jeschke, Master of Environmental Studies
    Seeing the Forest for the Tree: Urban Forest Diversity and Ash Loss
  • Garrett Meccariello and Tobias Nasgarde, Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences
    The Marketer’s Antagonist: Leveraging Behavioral Science to Reduce Unnecessary Spending Behavior in Cashless Environments

  • Patrick Osei, Master of Applied Geosciences
    Groundwater Contamination in Obuasi, Ghana

1:30 | Social Sciences Presentations

  • Kasey Diserens Morgan, Anthropology
    Studying the Past, in the Present, for the Future: Heritage in Triple Time

  • Kate Dorsch, History and Sociology of Science
    “Now I Have a Theory": Experience, Expertise, and UFOs in Cold War America

  • Juman Kim, Political Science
    Is Democracy Merry?

  • Ruth Moyer, Criminology
    Criminal Case Processing Behind 'the Golden Door': Do Foreign-Born Defendants Receive Disparate Outcomes?

  • Rebecca Umbach, Criminology
    Aggression and Sleep: A Daylight Saving Time Quasi-Experiment

| Humanities Presentations

  • Kyle Repella, History
    More Than Two Halves? Reckoning with Indigenous Slavery in Early America

  • Flannery Cunningham, Music
    Hit Chansons: The Contratenor as Cover and Clue in the Music of Machaut

  • Jane Sancinito, Ancient History
    You Are Your Business: The Role of Reputation in the Economy of Ancient Rome

  • Brett Robert, History
    Los Angeles, by Way of the Panama Canal

  • Kendra Grimmett, History of Art
    Looking at Art with Your Body in Mind

| Natural Sciences Presentations

  • Tam Tran, Biology
    Climate of Change: Changing Climate, Changing Health

  • Megan Williams, Psychology
    What Does Your Body Odor Reveal About You?

  • Lucas Secco, Physics and Astronomy
    Twisted Galaxies: Uncovering the Mysteries of Dark Matter

  • Kieran Dunne, Earth and Environmental Science
    Mud and the Shape of Rivers

  • Lauren Brumley, Psychology
    College Runs in the Family

Free and open to the public.

Tune in to the livestream @PennSAS on Facebook or Twitter, and vote for your favorite talk to win the Audience Choice Award.

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