SAS Business Class Travel

August 1, 2015



This SAS-specific addendum to Policy 2354 is proposed in recognition of the increasing travel demands on SAS faculty and staff in carrying out the School’s teaching and research missions.

The School will fund coach accommodations for all travel on University business as detailed in University Financial Policy 2354.1.   Existing budgetary constraints remain in place.

For trips where IN-AIR travel time exceeds 7 hours, the traveler may book business class accommodations provided the traveler has adequate discretionary (non -0- fund) funds available at the time of the request to fund the excess cost over coach. It should be noted that University Policy #2354 states that Business or First Class air travel will not be reimbursed or allowed on the airline billing account unless approved by the head of School or Center.  This modification, approved by the Dean, constitutes approval for business class accommodations at the School level.

This policy represents standing approval for all SAS faculty and staff and requires no additional consideration by the Dean’s Office.  All federal policies related to sponsored research take precedence to this addendum.

All current policies related to research fund expenditures apply to this policy exception (i.e., adequate funding must be in place; no deficit spending in anticipation of future funding, etc.)


Travel & Entertainment (T&E)

Individuals traveling and entertaining on behalf of the University should exercise good judgment with respect to incurring T&E expenses and are expected to spend the University's funds prudently.

The individual requesting reimbursement is responsible for ensuring that his/her incurrence of the expense and related reimbursement request complies with all applicable policies, is properly authorized, and is supported with required receipts and other documentation. The signature on the reimbursement form of the individual requesting reimbursement affirms that these responsibilities have been met.