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Sustaining the Mountains:
Ecological Citizenship for the 21st Century

An Earth Week Symposium
April 23-24

To extract the last of the bituminous coal in Central Appalachia, the coal industry is taking down the mountains. The latest mining technology, known as “mountaintop removal and valley fill,” uses giant machinery to replace a biologically diverse landscape, rich in historical, cultural, and ecological memory, with thousands of square miles of “landform complexes” rendered from the waste of coal production. Can the mountains and communities of Central Appalachia survive the national demand for coal-fired electricity? At this earth week symposium, coalfield community leaders, musicians, and artists join an interdisciplinary gathering of Penn faculty and students to explore mountain-sustaining alternatives for ecological citizenship.

Aerial shot of regional topography. [Photo] Photographer: Lyntha Scott EilerSchedule of Events



Aerial view of Catenary Coal's Samples Mine, a Mountaintop Removal project at the head of Cabin Creek. [Photo] Photographer: Lyntha Scott Eiler

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