"Volatile Ventriloquy"

    • from Galit Hasan-Rokem::

      Dear friends,

      I regret very much the fact that I could not be present at the magnificent celebration of Roger's intellectual and personal significance for each of us who took part in this enterprise in any of its versatile forms (Between Web and Wine - another possible topic...). I am deeply grateful to Regina, Dorry, Steve, and Deborah for their thoughful comments and challenges that will certainly be integrated in any future form this paper may take. I hope that the rich stimulation that was generated by this third in a series of meetings will generate more of the same at AFS, ISFNR and other meetings as well as at the Center for Folklore and Folklife of the University of Pennsylvania. Congratulations to Mary and Dorry for the successful production as well as to Brian, Eric and others who were helpful. Special congratulations also to Joanna, Kwali, and Michael, whose names appear among those who have accomplished their MA studies.

      And in a direct voice: Kwali, I am so curious to hear your voice behind the picture in the session I saw in a picture on the website -- all the imaginary ventriloquy in the world cannot retain that, please send any notes you made for the discussion!

      Last but not least: Dear Roger may you be the constant inspiration for love for folklore and its study by the highest scholarly standards, as you have always been, "until a hundred and twenty years"!

      Friends, if possible, please express your solidarity and support for those who struggle for an equal, just, and humane peace between Palestinians and Israelis at this dire moment.


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