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Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper knew she would be a photographer from the time she was a child and received her first Kodak Brownie camera. In the ensuing years, Martha's love of travel and fascination with the local cultures have enabled her to create a body of work depicting the lives and routines of people from a variety of places throughout the world. Her photographs have appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian and Natural History Magazines as well as several dozen books and journals. She is the Director of Photography at CityLore, the New York Center for Urban Folk Culture. More...

Educated at Oxford and Grinnell, Cooper has also served as a staff photographer at several newspapers (including the New York Post) and worked as a Curatorial Assistant at Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History. Her list of accomplishments include the following exhibitions: Place Matters with Laura Hansen and Municipal Arts Society, Casitas with Betti-Sue Hertz, Bronx Council on the Arts, and Lawn Shrines and Sidewalk Alters with Joe Sciorra. And, her work has been showcased in numerous publications, including the following:

2002 R.I.P., Memorial Wall Art, text by Joseph Sciorra, new edition by Thames & Hudson, N.Y. 1993 Haiti on the Hudson, The Formation of the Haitian Communities of Rockland County, text by Morton Marks, Rockland County Historical Society. 1984 Subway Art, text and photos with Henry Chalfant, Henry Holt

Cooper is also the author of the article "Folklore Photography" which originally appeared in 2000 in Voices, the membership magazine of the New York Folklore Society, volume 26. This article is available on the web at http://www.nyfolklore.org/pubs/voicjl/folkph.html.

To view examples of Martha's photographic work, please see the following web sites:

Missing @ CityLore.org
The Kodak Girl Collection
Martha Cooper's NY City Snaps
@ 149th Street

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