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M.D. MuthukumaraswamyM.D. Muthukumaraswamy has been working as Executive Trustee and Director of National Folklore Support Centre (NFSC), from its inception in the year 1997. National Folklore Support Centre has started functioning vigorously with a generous grant from the Ford Foundation from 1999. As the founder trustee and director M.D. Muthukumaraswamy’s responsibilities include institutional building, overseeing of all the programs of NFSC such as public programming, publications, research, building up of databank, organizing international conferences and symposia, networking and fund raising. Part of his public programming job involves conceiving and organizing major festivals through field and community work. His responsibilities also include writing, editing, giving public lectures and presentations on Indian folklore that cut across disciplines such as anthropology, linguistics, art and literary criticism, social history and philosophy. Apart from advanced training in folklore M.D. Muthukumaraswamy holds masters degrees in English Literature and philosophy. With his work towards doctoral dissertation on “Semiotic analysis of Bharathakoothu: A study in theatrical communication” he taught in the post-graduate department of folklore, St. Xavier’s College Palayamkottai from 1987 to 1997 and guided students for advanced research. He designed the advanced curriculum for the post-graduate course in folklore and was instrumental in establishing audio-visual folklore archive at St. Xavier’s College. He worked as a folklore consultant for the Ford Foundation’s New Delhi office and facilitated the Ford Foundation’s nationwide support for folklore programs before taking up his present position at NFSC. Well known as a Tamil writer and playwright M.D.

Muthukumaraswamy has published several books including short stories, plays, literary criticisms, articles on folklore and one novel. His non-fiction work includes essays on Tamil cinema, semiotics and philosophy apart from folklore. He has also translated extensively from English to Tamil on a variety of subjects but mainly on literature, semiotics and folklore. After editing numerous prestigious literary and folklore journals in Tamil as part of his job at NFSC he currently edits Indian Folklife and Indian Folklore Research Journal. He directed a major folk festival in March 2002. He edited and published a collection of worldwide interviews with leading folklorists Voicing Folklore: Careers, Concerns and Issues 2002. His current writing assignments include co-authoring Indian Folk Theatres for the U.K. publishers Routledge along with a British opera director Julia Hollander. His creative writings in English are scheduled for publication in 2005.