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FOLK 420 640 Culture, Communication, and Body Language

M. Kruesi
Lecture: Tuesday 5:30-8:10 PM


Our perception and interpretation of body language is often subliminal, but is crucial in all communication. This course will develop skills in observation and analysis of nonverbal behavior, with a particular emphasis on cross
cultural communication. In contemporary society, the analysis of nonverbal communication has applications in education, psychology, business, advertising, medicine, police work, the justice system, the military, religion, sports, and politics. As video and digital cameras are increasingly being placed in public (and private!) locations, the ethical questions of why, how, and by whom body movements and images are analyzed become a topic of primary importance for society. Clothing, scents, gestures, eye contact, silence, music, dance, the built environment -- all are used to construct relationships and develop markets for the new century. Readings from a number of disciplinary perspectives will give us the opportunity to investigate these and other issues related to the body and to nonverbal communication in multicultural societies.

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