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FOLK 500 301 Proseminar in Folklore

Jay Dautcher
Seminar: Tuesday 10:00-1:00

: Dr. Jay Dautcher: 215.898.7352; jdautcher[ast sign]
Required course for graduate students in folklore; open to others with instructor’s permission

David Azzolina
Thursday 9:30-11:00 (Library Section)
Van Pelt Library 221 (Woody Room)
Contact: Dr. David S. Azzolina: 215.898.5322;

The shifting definition of folklore as a subject has allowed for the dynamic development of a field that has never been content with narrow disciplinary territory. The course endeavors to provide an entry into the breadth of folkloric expression – told, performed, enacted, believed, or made. We will also study the sociopolitical and intellectual ground on which the study of folklore has been positioned over roughly the last two hundred years. Readings and class discussions will clarify how scholars today conceptualize “expressive culture,” exemplify earlier ways of organizing and analyzing the material, and explore the linkage between available technological recording tools and the shape of folklore documentation and analysis. (Required course for graduate students in folklore; open to others with instructor’s permission).

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