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FOLK 009 302 Writing About the Remembered Past

S. Grady
Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-4:20 p.m.

Requirements: Fulfills the writing requirement

As the 20th century fades into history, oral history projects the capture the memories of lesser-known Participants in historic events have become increasingly widespread in the US. Yet the oral preservation of History has a long past, particularly among people without a long-standing manuscript tradition. Drawing on ethnographic, archival, film, internet, and exhibition materials, this writing course will examine approaches to the remembered past, analyzing oral history as both a historical record and a constructed narrative. Students will develop their writing skills through a series of writing assignments that are designed to encourage critical thinking and introduce the various style of college writing. The will further develop these skill through active participation in the peer revision process. Students will also be require to respond to readings through in-class discussions, and develop an oral history narrative for their term projects.

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