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FOLK 154 401 Modern Jewish Literature in Translation

Lecture: Tuesday 1:30-4:30

Cross-listed with AMES 154 COML 282 FILM 224 JWST 154
Distribution III: Arts & Letters

The course is taught in English and the texts are in translation. the content of this course changes from year to year and therefore students may take it for credit more than once. Topic varies semester to semester. Past topics have included: Film and Literature: Childhood in Times of Peace and War; War and Love: Heroism an Anti-Heroism in Israeli Writings; Jewish Film and Literature: Childhood Memory; Fantasy Dreams & Madness in Hebrew Literature: Escape or Soluati Spring 2004:Voices (of Others) of Israel. This course will listen and respond to previously unheard Israeli literary and cinematic expression of "other such as new immigrants women Arabs gays orthodox Jews first and second generations of Holocaust survivors and those of Middle Eastern descent. Their varied voices which deviate from the central narrative were allowed be heard in Israeli culture only in the late 20th century with the debate over Postmodernist attitudes and practices. The Zionist super-narrative dominated Israeli literature and film at its inception. Authors and directors were predominantly Israeli-born (or educated) Ashkenazi (of European descent) males who tackled the nationalistic territory-based aspirations of the people. Now the "periphery" has invaded the "center" a cacophony of voices a kaleidoscope of images replaces the mainstream ideological sea for a Zionist utopia. We will analyze this phenomenon through the differ languages of film prose and poetry and examine how postmodernist and subersive writer and directors are symbol and metaphor, color and light, close-up and Flashback to capture an outsider's experience.

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