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FOLK 543 640 Ethnographic Writing

J. Theophano
Seminar: Monday 6:00 - 8:40 p.m.

Cross-listed with: ANTH 543

Ethnographic research has brought anthropologists and folklorist, sociologists and oral historians face to face with some compelling challenges as they describe specific social and cultural groups to a variety of audiences: insiders and outsiders, academics and lay audiences. Attempting to be both scientific and humanistic, ethnography has been accused of being neither. How can ethnographer's best understand their impact on the groups they study, and the impact of their research on their own identity? How can ethnographers balance their personal agendas (related for example to political and ideological goals, particularly Feminism and anti-imperialism) with an academic quest to produce "scientific," well-supported research? And how have ethnographers experimented with style and genre to break the chains of traditional ethnographic writing and better represent their experience in the field.

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