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FOLK 103 401 Performing History

R. St. George
Lecture: Monday, Wednesday 2:00-3:30 p.m.

DISTRIBUTION: ARTS & LETTERS (Class of '09 and later)
Cross-listed with: HIST 093, COML 103

From medieval processions to the Mummer's Parade, from military reenactments to Mardi Gras communities do more than "write" or "read" history in order to feel its power and shape their futures. Drawing upon traditions in theater spectacle religion and marketing they also perform their history-by replaying particular characters restaging pivotal events and sometimes even changing their outcomes--in order to test its relevance to contemporary life and to both mark and contest ritual points in the annual cycle. This course will explore diverse ways of "performing history" in different cultures including royal passages civic parades historical reenactments community festivals and film.

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