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FOLK 444 001: Foodways

Janet Theophano
Seminar: Monday 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Cross-listed with: ANTH601, REL603

This course will examine the research methods, cultural aspects, and historical meanings of food, cooking, and meal sharing. First, we will explore several theoretical approaches to the study of food and cooking, including early anthropologists' work in the field as well as more recent structural and post-structural models. Second, we will see how various writers explore the cultural aspects of food as symbolic "ethnic" borders and boundary. We will also read about and discuss vegetarianism, tourism, sustainable farming, and gender issues as they apply to food and cooking. Third, we will explore the histories of certain foods and food industries, such as coffee and sugar. The topic of colonization and slavery as they apply to widespread accessibility of certain foods will also be discussed. Finally, this course is designed to challenge our notions of food and cooking as well as to help us learn about the art and cultural meanings of cooking as expressed in both everyday and celebratory settings.

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