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Dan Ben-Amos

Trained in the comparativist tradition in Jerusalem and at Indiana University, Bloomington, Dan Ben-Amos holds a faculty appointment in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization. He is the editor of a series of translations of folklore classics, primarily of the work of European scholars. He has published many articles on folklore theory and the history of the field, and his books include Sweet Words: Folktales from Benin, Folklore Genres, and Cultural Memory and the Construction of Identity, which he co-edited with Liliane Weissberg.

Introduction to Folklore, History of Folklore Studies, Jewish Folklore, African Folklore, Prose Narrative, proverb, Riddle and Speech Metaphor, Myth, Structural Analysis, and Ethnic Humor.

Contact Information
3619 Locust Walk, Fourth Floor
Phone: (215) 898-7352

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