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Folklore and Ethnography Archives

3619 Locust Walk Room 403

Archive Holdings

Endnote Library Databases in Progress, by Format

1) Moving Images and Recorded Sound

Sound Recordings on Cassette
Sound Recordings on Reels
Moving Images
Published Sound Recordings

2) Publications and Unpublished Manuscripts

Student Collections, 1964-1970s
Student Papers, 1968-2007
Folklore Course Syllabi, 1964-2006
Dissertations from the Graduate Program in Folklore and
Folklife, 1963-2006

Master Cards, documenting recordings and manuscripts, in chronological order.

3) Ethnographic Field Collection Inventories (Each collection is inventoried by the formats indicated)

NGR Field Collection (still photos, sound recordings, and manuscripts)
C8 Field Collection (still photos, moving images, sound recordings and manuscripts)
OVEC Field Collection (sound recordings, still photos, and manuscripts)
VAH Field Collection (sound recordings, moving images, still photos, and manuscripts)
EMT Field Collection (sound recordings, moving images, still photos, and manuscripts)

4) Special Collections

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