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Folklore and Ethnography Archives

3619 Locust Walk Room 403


The archive is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but an advance appointment is recommended to ensure that someone will be there to serve materials.


Students may borrow readings from the reserve and article files for up to one hour for photocopying. To do so:

  • Enter the date, time, your name and the title of the item borrowed in the Archive Sign-Out Sheet.
  • Leave your student I.D. with the archivist. If you must do your copying in the library, leave a drivers license or other identification.
  • Once the borrowed item has been returned your I.D. will be given back to you.


Exceptions are granted only to Teaching and Research Assistants and Lecturers. For rules governing these situations, see Faculty Borrowing below.

Faculty Borrowing

Faculty members and teaching assistants may borrow any resource from the Archives to photocopy. Rules regarding the signing-in and out of materials for students apply to faculty members as well. Faculty may sign out materials overnight for in-home use.

Accessioned Holdings

If you need copies of items in our non-published collection, ask the archivist for instructions. You may need special permission if the material is restricted, and in all cases you will be required to sign a release stating the material is for academic, not commercial use. When all the requirements of restricted use have been met, the photocopying can be done.

The Archive Computer and Printer

The computer, printer, and scanner are provided for the use of the archivist and archival assistants. When not in use for archival work, they are available for students, faculty, visiting lecturers, and CFE fellows.

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