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Graduate Student Associations Council (GSAC). The GSAC office is in Room 128 Graduate Tower B, 215-898-7929. Folklore and Folklife sends one representative (alternates are acceptable if more than one person wishes to share the responsibility) to the Graduate Student Associations Council, the student government of all grad students in arts and sciences, and all Ph.D. students across the university. The GSAC meetings, open to all, are held alternate Tuesdays at noon. If a Folklore representative attends five of these meetings, the graduate program qualifies for funding from GSAC for colloquia, social events, conferences, speakers, etc.

GSAC is the voice for graduate student concerns around the university. During the past several years GSAC has taken an active stand on a variety of issues including fellowships and TA funding, time limits for Ph.D. candidates, day care, sexual and racial harassment on campus, health insurance, campus safety and security, the escort service, the needs of international students.

GSAC also sends representatives to the Graduate and Professional Students Assembly (GAPSA), the government of students from all twelve of the universitys graduate and professional schools, which also includes representation from minority, international and lesbian and gay constituencies. GAPSA meetings are open to all; for further information on meeting dates, times, and locations, contact the GAPSA office: Room 115 Graduate Tower B, 215-898-3150.

In addition to representing graduate student concerns from across the university, GAPSA regularly meets with the Administration, leaders of the Faculty Senate and Undergraduate Assembly, and important individuals around campus who deal with issues pertaining to graduate and professional students. GAPSA also elects representatives to the University Council, the advisory body to the President composed of faculty, students and staff; to approximately twenty university committees; to subcommittees of the Board of Trustees; and to search committees for administrative openings. GAPSA also oversees the Graduate Inter-School Activities Council (GISAC) which funds campus-wide cultural, athletic, political, international, and academic clubs and organizations around the University.

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