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At the beginning of the term in which you plan to graduate, you must register with both the Graduate Arts and Sciences office (16 College Hall) and the folklore and folklife office. This is best accomplished by contacting the Graduate Coordinator by e-mail to let her know you have applied for the degree in the Graduate Division Office. For the fall and spring terms, the deadline for registering is less than one month after the beginning of classes, and for the summer term, about a month. She will e-mail the degree calendar once it is available; it is also posted on the graduate programs web-site ( The exact deadline can be obtained by calling the Graduate Office at 898-7444. When you go to the graduate office to apply for the degree, you should also pick up a Calendar for Degree Candidates and, if you are receiving a Ph.D., a Doctoral Dissertation Manual. These documents will inform you of important deadlines regarding graduation and the finer points of dissertation format. Dissertations not properly formatted will cause delays and may even impede a students graduation.

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