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Registration takes place a few days before the beginning of classes. All students in coursework must meet with their faculty advisor and with the graduate chair to discuss the selection of courses each semester. It is up to the student to make an appointment with his or her advisor and the graduate chair.

Registration Procedure

Each student will pick up an "Authorization for Registration form" from the Graduate Advisor as deadlines for course registration approach. The student will then discuss course selections with their advisor and the graduate chair. Once the form has been completed and approved (including the necessary signatures), s/he will submit it to the graduate Aministrator who will then register the student.

Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation Tuition Registration

When you have finished your courses, you must register for Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation tuition. See the Graduate Coordinator for advice on this process. These courses are coded to the name of your dissertation committee chair. Once you have registered for one of these, unless you change your chair, you need not register again. Until you graduate, you will automatically be registered for the Fall and Spring terms.

Grades Information on grades is available through Penn In-Touch at Penn In-Touch.

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