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Staff and Administration

Pat Johnson, staff member in Folklore and History & Sociology of Science, Room 303 Logan Hall (215) 898-7352. Pat is responsible for doing the course scheduling for undergraduate and graduate courses in the Folklore program. She also serves as Joyce's backup for the other duties in the Folklore program.

Joyce Roselle, staff member in Folklore and History & Sociology of Science, 3619 Locust Walk, Third Floor, (215) 898-7352. Joyce assists with matters pertaining to admissions and graduate student progress toward their degree. Processes receipts for expenditures relating to the Center and Graduate Program and appointments for visiting lecturers.

Ernestine Williams, Graduate Coordinator, 235 Logan Hall, 215-573-0250 takes on the graduate coordination of all graduate programs in Logan Hall. Ernestine handles all matters pertaining to graduate student records and files.

The Fiscal, Business and Building Administrative roles are filled by Sybil Csigi (215-898-4781), and Valerie Walker (215-898-9259) in the Logan Hall Business Administrative Services, room 304-305 Logan Hall. Students should contact them for matters related to payroll, payment of stipends for fellowships and teaching assistantships, reimbursements, and other fiscal matters. When in doubt, please check first with the administrative staff, who will then direct you to the appropriate contact person or office depending on your question or need.

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