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Folklore & Folklife Fall Reception
and New Student Orientation

The Graduate Program in Folklore & Folklife will hold its Fall Reception on Wednesday, September 4th at 1:00 PM in the Folklore Archive Room, 311-312 Logan Hall.


Voice/Over Symposium Held in Honor of Roger D. Abrahams

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Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett Visits Penn Folklore Program as a F.E.W. Scholar

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Folklore & Folklife End-of-Year Reception, May 13th

The Program will hold its end-of-year reception on Monday, May 13th in the Folklore Archive, 312 Logan Hall, 3:00 to 5:00 PM. Students, faculty, alumni, and friends are invited to attend. Food and refreshments served.

We will honor those who received degrees in 2001-02, as well as fellowship recipients and prize winners. The MacEdward Leach Prize, The Don Yoder Prize, and The Kenneth S. Goldstein Fieldwork Award will also be presented.

      New Doctorates in Folklore

      Jonathan Lohman (Ph.D., August 2001)
      Juwen Zhang (Ph.D., August 2001)
      Wallace Haviland (Ph.D., December 2001)
      Leslie Kaplan (Ph.D., December 2001)
      Solimar Otero (Ph.D., May 2002)
      David Samper (Ph.D., May 2002)

      New Masters of Arts in Folklore

      Sandra Grady (M.A., August 2001)
      Fariha Khan (M.A., August 2001)
      Julian Yap (M.A., August 2001)
      Abigail Platten (M. A., May 2002)

Palgrove Press Releases Janet Theophano's
Eat My Words: Reading Womens Lives through the Cookbooks They Wrote

Click here to read about it
in the February 22, 2002 Penn Current

Middle Atlantic Folklife Association
Spring Meeting, April 12-13

The meeting, co-sponsored by the Center for Folklore and Ethnography will be held in New Brunswick, NJ, with a theme of "Critical Regionalism and Civic Professionalism."

Complete information, schedule, and session abstracts at

Cristina Sanchez-Carretero and Brian Gregory
Named 2002 SAS Dean's Scholars

Folklore and Folklife graduate students Cristina Sanchez-Carretero and Brian Gregory were among nine School of Arts and Sciences graduate students to be named Dean's Scholars for 2002. The award, presented on February 28th in Irvine Auditorium during the annual Dean's Forum, is given in recognition of "outstanding academic performance and intellectual promise."

Dr. J. Craig Venter, who directed the Human Genome Project, was the 2002 Dean's Forum Speaker. Click here to read more about Dr. Venter and the 2002 Dean's Forum and Dean's Scholars.

The Center for Folklore and Ethnography
Announces Co-sponsorship of Graduate Symposium, September 2002

The symposium, Material Worlds: Acquisition, Circulation, and Meaning in Colonial Societies will be held 20-21 September 2002, at the University of Pennsylvania.
Click here for the call for papers and the symposium website.

The Folklore and Folklife Graduate Program welcomes Assistant Professor Jay Dautcher and Center for Folklore and Ethnography Director Dr. Mary Hufford

Jay Dautcher is our newest faculty hire. He attended the graduate program in Folklore at Beijing Normal University between 1989 and 1991, then received his Ph.D. in Anthropology in 1999 from the University of California at Berkeley. He brings to the program a long-term interest in East Asian and Central Asian narrative traditions and forms of cultural expression. His research interests are in ethnic, gender and national identities, the politics of cultural production, folksong, joking and humor. Jay's faculty appointment is as Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Folklore in the Program of Anthropology. In coming semesters Jay looks forward to teaching courses including Masculinity in Narrative and Performance, Chinese Folklore, Asian Folklore, The Joke, Folksong, the Proseminar in Folklore, and Theories of Orality and Literacy. This spring, Jay is teaching a seminar, Masculinity in Narrative and Performance. Jay's campus office is University Museum, Room 418.

Mary Hufford joins the University of Pennsylvania as Director of the Center for Folklore and Ethnography. She has published widely on folklore, cultural policy and ecological crisis, including an edited volume, Conserving Culture: A New Discourse on Heritage. Her regional studies in central Appalachia and in southern New Jersey (Chaseworld: Foxhunting and Storytelling in New Jersey's Pine Barrens) reflect her broader interest in discourses on nature, environment, and the body, and the production of social imaginaries. Mary has taught Folklore and History, Public Culture, Appalachian Folklore and the Politics of Culture, and Environmental Imaginaries, and looks forward to offering a variety of courses, including Bodylore, Narrative, Ways of Speaking, and Fieldwork Theory/Practicum. This Spring, Mary will offer two graduate seminars, Topics in Folklore: Bodylore and Critical Regionalism. Her office is located in Logan Hall, room 313.

Regina Bendix named Professor of Volkskunde, University of Goettingen

After years of dedicated service to the University of Pennsylvania and the Program in Folklore and Folklife, most recently as Associate Professor of Anthropology and Folklore and Chair of the Graduate Group in Folklore and Folklife, Regina Bendix has accepted a new postion as Professor of Volkskunde at the University of Goettingen (Germany). Professor Bendix will be affiliated with the Institute for Volkskunde and European Ethnology, where, she writes, she hopes to expand her work as Europeanist ethnologist, participating in the "emerging landscape of a European ethnology beyond national boundaries." A number of Program events in the spring offered students and colleagues an opportunity to wish Regina and the Bendix family well in their new endeavor-though she'll be across the Atlantic, Regina reminds us that she'll remain, as ever, "wired" and accessible, electronically and otherwise. Congratulations, Regina, and a sincere "thank you" for all you've contributed to the folklore community at Penn and beyond!

Congratulations 2000-2002 Folklore and Folklife graduates:

Clover D. Jebsen Afokpa (Ph.D., December 2000)
Cati Coe (Ph.D., Ph.D., August 2000)
Dylan Comyn Eret (Ph.D., May 2001)
Erica B. L. Lindamood (Ph.D. May 2001)
Debra Lattanzi Shutika (Ph.D. May 2001)
Jonathan Lohman (Ph.D., August 2001)
Juwen Zhang (Ph.D., August 2001)
Wallace Haviland (Ph.D., December 2001)
Leslie Kaplan (Ph.D., December 2001)
Solimar Otero (Ph.D., May 2002)
David Samper (Ph.D., May 2002)

Kwali Michelle Farbes (M.A., August 2000)
Brian David Gregory (M.A., August 2000)
Johanna Micaela Jacobson (M.A., August 2000)
Michael Lawrence Murray (M.A., December 2000)
Yvonne Ora Tatsumura (M.A., May 2001)
Sandra Grady (M.A., August 2001)
Fariha Khan (M.A., August 2001)
Julian Yap (M.A., August 2001)
Abigail Platten (M. A., May 2002)


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