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Requirements for the Minor

The folklore and folklife minor consists of 6 course units. Discuss your plans with the undergraduate chair or advisor who will assist you in putting together a course sequence most suitable to your interests. Many students working toward careers in the health care/medical area have found folklore courses on belief, alternative medicine, and religion to be a great boon and reason to minor in folklore. But a folklore minor is also a great addition to just about any Arts and Sciences major.

Courses include:

FOLK (fall)

009 Writing about Narration in Everyday Life (writing seminar)

101 Introduction to Folklore

201 American Folklore (CGS)

203 Afro-American Folklore (II)*

205 Women and Folklore (CGS)

213 Introduction to Folklore and Literature

241 Great Story Collections

280 Jewish Folklore

280 Jewish Folklore

FOLK (spring)

103 Performing History

201 American Folklore (II)*

217 Folk Music and Folk Songs

228 Ballads and Folk Poetry

231 American Popular Culture

270 Folklore and Sexuality

* Satisfies the General Requirement in the sector indicated.

Program Director: Dan Ben-Amos, Chair
Professors: Mary Hufford, David Grazian
Assistant Professors: David Azzolina, Jay Dautcher, Nili Gold, Carol Muller, Guthrie Ramsey, Timothy Rommen
Adjunct Professors: David Hufford, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Margaret Kruesi, Leonard Primiano, Stephen Winick, David Samper
Emeriitus Professor: Roger Abrahams

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