Vehicles Text Part 2

Reservations are accepted until two 2 business days prior to requested vehicle use.
There is no online reservation for these vehicles. Print the Vehicle Use Request Form complete the form in full and fax it to us at 215-573-3166 or e-mail to: A copy of your driver's license and verification from Risk Management of van driver training completion must be submitted at least 24 hours before your reservation, or your reservation will be cancelled.

Users must also:

  1. Return van keys within 24hrs. unless they have semester privileges
  2. Fill out the vehicle mileage card and note mileage in/out on the vehicle, and gas level. This card also lists phone numbers of persons to contact in case of emergencies. (SASFPO will reimburse users for gas if the gas gauge is below 3/4 on departure and is returned above 3/4).
  3. Note any problems with the vehicle on the mileage card.
  4. Borrowers who owe past charges for vehicles are ineligible to borrow.

Finally, users found to be operating an SAS vehicle in an unsafe or irresponsible manner will be denied reservation privileges in the future. Please refill the van with the amount of fuel you have used (returning it with 3/4 tank minimum) and keep it clean for the next person.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting our office:

E-mail: or call 215-898-9870.