Facilities Planning and Operations Staff


Warren Petrofsky
Chief Infrastructure Officer


Chris Augustine
Director for Operations

Building Administrators

Antoinette Bomento
Sr. Building Administrator
Solomon, 3808-3809-3810 Walnut, Fox-Fels
Chris Montowski
Sr. Building Administrator
Singh Nanotechnology Building
Jim Nixon
Sr. Building Administrator
Mary Nixon
Building Administrator
Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science & Economics
John Robinson
Sr. Supervising Building Administrator
Goddard, Leidy, Levin, Lynch
Maria Romeo
Sr. Building Administrator
Williams, Cohen, McNeil
James Trumbo
Sr. Building Administrator
Fisher Bennett, Jaffe, McNeil Center, 3401 Walnut A, B & C Wings, College Hall, Man Full of Trouble Tavern
Enrique Vargas
Sr. Building Administrator
Chemistry 1973, Vagelos, Chemistry 1958, Chemistry 1941

Services Assistants

Ryshee McCoy
Services Assistants Team Leader
Reggie Brown
Services Assistant
Leidy, Lynch, Levin, Goddard
Carvel Camp
Services Assistant

Capital Projects and Design

Tom Ewing
Senior Director
Sara King
Director of Sustainability and Project Management
Patricia Berryman
Project Manager
Floyd Emelife
Move and Projects Coordinator
Juliana MacPhail
Space and Projects Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Ruth Kelley
Program Coordinator