French 112- Accelerated Elementary French

FREN 112 Coordinator: Dr. Jacqueline Dougherty

See Timetable for times

French 112 is an intensive one-semester language course for students who have not studied French, but who have met the language requirement in another foreign language. This course will provide a introduction of the basic structures of French, with intensive work on speaking and listening designed to prepare students to take Intermediate French. Due to the nature of the course, the first half will progress rapidly with the more difficult material presented after the midterm period.

As in other French courses, class will be conducted entirely in French. You will be guided through a variety of communicative activities in class that will expose you to a rich input of spoken French and lead you from structured practice to free expression. You will have frequent opportunities to practice your newly acquired vocabulary and grammatical structures in small group and pair work that simulate real-life situations, so please prepare each days lesson attentively. See Preparation for each class below for additional details. The course will introduce you to French and Francophone culture through authentic materials including written documents, simple articles, songs, films, videos, and conversations between native speakers. Out of-class homework will consist of aural comprehension exercises in the online SAM as well as regular writing practice. The course will also invite you to explore the Francophone world on the Internet in the final stage of the semester.

FREN 112 Syllabus