French 202 - Advanced French

 Image: Place de la République. Photo de Richard Courtney, vers 1920.

Samuel Martin

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Prerequisite(s): Open to students who have completed the language requirement. Students who are continuing from French 134 or 140 should take French 202 before moving on to more advanced French courses.

French 202 is designed to prepare students for subsequent study in upper level courses in French and francophone studies. It is organized around two thematic units – La France d’hier and La France d’aujourd’hui. In the first dossier, students expand their understanding of France during the German occupation as they write the memoirs of a fictitious character they invent. In the second dossier, students expand their knowledge of current youth-related issues in France and  correspond with French college students. While touching upon issues of identity in France, the course engages the students into an intercultural dialogue particularly useful for those who plan on studying abroad.

This course does not include a systematic review of French grammar (that is done in FREN 212). Nevertheless, through the diverse assessments, the various textual and visual references, the students play an active role in their learning process and consequently are led to consolidate and deepen their grammatical competence.