Geneva Exchange

Exchange Programs - Geneva, Switzerland



Students are required to submit a regular application for the University of Geneva online as well as send in a paper copy (along with copies of transcripts and diplomas).

VERY IMPORTANT - Students must bring an original copy of diplomas (not just transcripts) to Geneva to be allowed to officially enroll at the University.  

The program allows you to attend, audit, or enroll in any classes you like with no restrictions.  Registration is only for exams, so students may audit a class and attend without additional paperwork.


Visa and Other Important Documentation

Claire Giordano, from the International Office, will assist the student in the entire process and send an official letter that can be used to apply for the visa. 

All paperwork, including your visa, is processed very quickly and students do not find it difficult getting their Swiss residence card once they arrive. 

Upon arrival, there is a meeting with all of the exchange students, where you are provided with a booklet of information with a checklist of the things that you need to do.  (For example, how to get Swiss insurance, open a bank account, get your residence card, etc.) 



Housing is extremely expensive and hard to find in Geneva, so students are encouraged to get their housing application in early.  They usually give preference to international students, but it is still very difficult to obatin.