Graduate Students

  • German literature, culture, philosophy, and art around 1800; word/text-image relations; genre theory; conceptual history; Konstellationsforschung; post-1945 German intellectual history; literary anthropology; digital humanities

  • 19th-Century German Literature, Realism, Literary Landscapes, Memory Studies, Cinema Studies

  • German literature and philosophy around 1800, Romanticism, aesthetics, intermediality, film, film theory

  • 18th century literature and philosophy, poetry, critical theory, psychoanalysis, Chinese-German relations

  • Third Reich Literature, History, and Film; Colonial German Literature and History; Imperial and Soviet Russian Literature, History, and Film; Afro-German Studies

  • Modernism, Intermediality, Aesthetics, History of Material Texts, Psychoanalysis

  • Germanic postwar avant-gardes, particularly Viennese Actionism, the Vienna Group, and the Darmstadt School for New Music; contemporary art; modernism; poetry and poetics, with an emphasis on aesthetics; psychoanalysis; sound studies

  • 18th- Early 20th Century Literature, Aesthetics, Literature and Philosophy around 1800, Intermediality

  • German-Jewish Literature, Austrian Studies, Drama, Jewish Studies, Exilliteratur.

    Authors of focus: Franz Werfel and Joseph Roth

  • Transcultural Literature and Film; Migration Studies; Turkish-German Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies; Narratology; Inclusive Pedagogies