The German Major


The German major and minor programs provide deep understanding of the language and culture of the German-speaking countries. Building from basic language competency to synthesizing significant literary works, historical context and current media and politics, the German program offers a comprehensive education in what is “typically German” ... or not. While we demand a set of core classes, you have the flexibility to choose from courses in translation or from study abroad, ultimately allowing you to craft the degree you really want. 

The new major consists of 12.5 credit units - 5.5 core credits, two 300-level courses in German, and five electives in German, German in translation, or study abroad. 

The German core includes:

GRMN 203, Texts and Contexts
GRMN 301, Manuskript-Hypertext
GRMN 302, Erinnerungsorte
GRMN 401, Trans(l)its
GRMN 402, Senior Thesis
GRMN 403, Senior Colloquium (0.5 credits)

Our 300-level German courses cover a wide array of topics, including:

GRMN 318, Foreign Exchanges
GRMN 325, The Politics of the Past
GRMN 349, Märchen (Fairytales)
GRMN 355, Jugendliteratur
GRMN 356, Crime & Detection
GRMN 373, Dancing on the Volcano
GRMN 375, German Literature after 1945
GRMN 377, Germany & the EU
GRMN 378, Foreign in Germany
GRMN 379, Decadence
GRMN 380, Heimat
GRMN 382, German Media Landscape
GRMN 383, German Political Landscape

Elective courses may be taken in English or German. Among others, we offer: 

GRMN 150, Berlin
GRMN 151, Fantastic & Uncanny
GRMN 152, Metropolis
GRMN 153, Heroes, Minstrels, Knights
GRMN 155, Freud
GRMN 168, Nazi Cinema
GRMN 169, Topics in Film History
GRMN 170, Censored!
GRMN 172, Autobiographical Writing
GRMN 219, Business German Micro
GRMN 220, Business German Macro
GRMN 250, Sustainability and Utopianism
GRMN 264, Translating Cultures

Course availability changes each semester.

You may apply up to five credit units for the major and three for the minor from an approved study abroad program in Germany - namely the Berlin Consortium for German Studies*. Options are available for full-year or spring semester.

*Students in the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business have the option of direct-enrollment study at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. Contact Inge Herman for details (inge@'+'wharton.'+'upenn.'+'edu).

The student's course of study must be set up in consultation with the undergraduate chair in 745 Williams Hall. A prospective major is invited to seek advice in the departmental office (215-898-8606).

View the German Major and Minor brochure for more information.