Graduate Division


When in Sweden…

Organizational Dynamics student Erinn Carey blogged about gender equality, health care, and the idea of "lagom."

Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Bad Credit

Economics Ph.D. candidate Yanhao Wei is researching social credit scoring.

Through a Lens Darkly

History of Art doctoral student Iggy Cortez examines nighttime filming.

Historical Brew

Doctoral candidate Omar Foda examines the history of the beer industry in Egypt.

Playground Tactics

Doctoral candidate in history Thomas Brinkerhoff discusses political propaganda in mid-20th-century Argentina.

Welcome to the Graduate Division of Penn's School of Arts and Sciences.

The Graduate Division consists of some 33 graduate programs. Disciplinary strength is at the heart of Penn's excellence in research and graduate training. Equally important, however, is the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration that pervades all of our programs.


  • Marie Gottschalk Featured in Q&A on Mass Incarceration

    Professor of Political Science Marie Gottschalk was recently featured in Penn Gazette in an article focused on her research on mass incarceration. Below is an excerpt:

  • Justin Khoury Chases Astrophysicist’s Dark Energy ‘Chameleons’

    A team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, Berkeley, is investigating whether dark energy is in fact hiding in the form of hypothetical particles. The results of an experiment published in Science narrow the search a thousand times compared to previous tests. Representing Penn is Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Justin Khoury.

  • Charles Bernstein Awarded Janus Pannonius Prize for Poetry

    Donald T. Regan Professor of English Charles Bernstein has been awarded the 2015 Janus Pannonius Grand Prize for Poetry.