Penn Identification Card

A PENNCard is necessary for entrance into the libraries, residential buildings, and other parts of the University. You can obtain your PENNCard through the PENNCard Center located at 2nd floor of the Penn Bookstore, 3601 Walnut Street. The PENNCard center is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. CampusExpress is a new online service that new students can use before arriving at Penn. There will also be a Campus Express Center during New Student Orientation.

Check CampusExpress for center times and updated information.

Guest Cards for spouses and domestic partners are available for a fee. To apply for a Guest Card, the PENNCard holder and the spouse or partner come to the PENNCard Center with a marriage certificate or proof that they are living together. This Guest Card will enable the spouse/partner to use Penn Transportation, Student Health Service (for an additional fee), all libraries at Penn (borrowing privileges must be arranged separately), and recreational facilities (upon payment of the spouse/partner fee).