Awards & Acknowledgements

SAS Recycling Fair Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the SAS Recycling Fair especially to the SAS Green Team members who volunteered! We collected 927 pounds of E-Waste, 67.5 pounds of linens/t-shirts for SPCA, 6 pairs of shoes for Community Recycling and 17 pairs of glasses for VSP Global. This was a part of the ReThink Your Footprint Campaign that will continue until November 11th!

SAS Fall Celebration

On November 13th SAS had their staff Fall Celebration event at Houston Hall of Flags. Like last year this event was completely zero-waste with large beverage containers, compostable dishware, reuseable decorations and compost bins for all the waste to be collected in and sent to local farms. Thank you to everyone who helped make this successful event possible!

3600 Green Office Certification Kick-Off

On October 2nd the 3600 Market Green Team hosted a Zero-Waste Potluck to kick off their pursuit of Level 2 Green Office Certification. All the attendants received free Reuseable mugs and CFL bulbs as well as lots of delicious food. A total of 5 lbs of waste was composted at the event and thanks to everyone's attendance all the required signatures were gathered to submit the Green Office Certification Application.

Fall 2009: Fels Institute, Dorm Energy

Fels has received a grant from the Penn Green Fund to manage a Dormitory Energy Competition on campus in 2010 and 2011.

The goals of the Competition are (1) to reduce energy usage by students, thereby saving on utility costs, and (2) to educate students about energy conservation and change their long-term behavior. Similar competitions have been successful at other colleges and universities around the country. The winning Fels project was conceived and proposed by first-year student Mateo Rando, who will lead the effort.

Green Fund Awards

The Green Fund Award is a University wide competition for projects which further the University's sustainability efforts. Details and a link for how to apply can be found at

Music Building LEED Certification

The magnificent renovation of the Music department’s historic home, combined with the construction of new contemporary space, celebrates both the distinguished traditions and the promising future of one of the most honored academic programs of the School of Arts and Sciences and the University.

University of Pennsylvania School of Arts & Sciences Music Building
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