Jaffe and Stouffer Win the 2012 Power Down Challenge!

Jaffe and Stouffer celebrate winning the 2012 Penn Power Down Challenge. The annual Power Down Challenge is run by the Penn Green Campus Partnership.  Between October 31st and November 18th of 2012, faculty, staff, and students sought to decrease energy use within their college houses and campus buildings by as much as possible. The three weeks of fierce competition saved 71,000 kWh of electricity from consumption across campus. Jaffe was the campus building winner, with a total of 21.6% energy savings, and Stouffer was the college house winner, with 14.5% savings. A celebration took place in Jaffe on Friday, December 14th to honor winning participants who then had the opportunity to enter in a raffle for energy-saving devices including timed outlets, energy-use monitors, efficient surge protectors, and an LED desk lamp.