Archives, Affects, & Activism: Preserving Queer & Trans Histories

Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Giovanni's Room Bookstore (345 S. 12th Street)

Come learn how Philly bookstores, libraries, zine fests, archives, and media artists are creating and preserving Philly queer and transgender histories, and making them available to the public in creative ways.

Presenters include:

HELYX CHASE, Director of the Philadelphia Trans Oral History Project. Hailing from Philadelphia, Helyx is a gender queer dyke video artist, activist and media literacy educator. Ze is a Hampshire College graduate with a degree in Video, Social Justice, Youth Empowerment and Global Power Dynamics. Hir work focuses on extending tools and promoting media creation, specifically for those who are systematically excluded from methods of media production.

SARAH ROSE, Co-Director of the Philly Feminist Zine Fest. The Zine Fest showcases some of the awesome zines Philly folks are making, and explores how zine making and DIY media in relation to social justice.

CHE GOSSETT, writer and activist who is a contributor to Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex (eds. , Trans Studies Reader Volume II (eds. Susan Stryker and Aren Aziura) and the forthcoming anthology Queer Necropolitics (eds. Jin Haritaworn, Adi Kuntsman, Silvia Posocco).  Che is currently working on a biography of AIDS activist Kiyoshi Kuromiya.

BOB SKIBA, Archivist at the William Way LGBT Community Center. The William Way Archives are Philadelphia's most extensive collection of rare books, periodicals, video and audio tapes, periodicals, personal correspondence, and other ephemera documenting the rich history of our LGBT communities. 

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