GSWS Faculty Mentors

The faculty listed below are able to serve GSWS undergraduate majors and minors as informal mentors for the research areas listed after their names, as well as give advice on class projects or serve as potential co-advisors and readers for GSWS senior thesis projects. 

Please click on each mentor's name to learn more about them and their research. 



David Azzolina: folklore; ethnographic research; and popular culture


Kathleen Brown: nursing; women's health; and sexual assault


Max Cavitch: psychoanalytic approaches to gender and sexuality; LGBTQ history and theory; and American women writers, especially before the 20th century


Linda Chance: women and literature; Japanese literature, language, and culture; feminine voice


Timothy Corrigan: film history & theory and film & literature


Karen Detlefsen: the history of women in intellectual thought in the 17th and 18th centuries; girls and women and education; race and education


André Dombrowski: queer studies and history of feminism, esp. within 19th century visual culture in Europe


C. Neill Epperson: neuroendocrinology and women's health, particularly as these relate to mood and cognition across the lifespan


Julie Fairman: nursing; history of 20th Century health care; and the relationship between gender, nursing, and technology (critical care)


Marie Gottschalk: social policy; criminal justice policy; race; and health care


Alexander Guerrero: philosophy of gender; feminist philosophy (particularly feminist ethics and feminist epistemology); sexuality and law (discrimination, criminalization, family law, etc.)


Kathleen Hall: immigration and gender, gender and social stratification, and gendered experiences related to schooling and social mobility


Tsitsi Jaji: Africa and gender, including feminism(s), masculinities, queer studies in Africa


Sarah Kagan: ageing and illness experience


Andrew Lamas: development; political economy; capitalism; critical theory; liberation theology (and radical currents within religion); alternative economy (e.g., cooperatives, microfinance); and radical pedagogy


Robin Leidner: relationship between work, gender, and identity


Ania Loomba: postcolonial and global feminisms and sexualities; South Asia; and early modern literature and culture


Heather Love: queer theory, the literature and culture of modernity; affect studies; sociology and literature; and disability studies


Catriona MacLeod: German Studies; word-image; and figurations of androgyny


Ann Matter: religion; European history up to 1700


Marjorie Muecke: gender issues in countries outside the USA; nurse-anthropology   


Christine Poggi: gender, sexuality and modern art


Gerald Prince: modern and contemporary French literature; theory of narrative


Simon Richter: 18th century homoeroticism; gender, sex and body in eighteenth century; 19th/20th century German sexology; sex and gender in cinema


Betsy Rymes: linguistics


Marilyn (Lynn) Sommers: health disparities; health equity; women's health; and violence against women


Susan Sorenson: violence against women, specifically, sexual assault and intimate partner violence


Brian Spooner: Islamic world and Muslim perspective


Deborah Thomas: violence; nationalism; migration; and popular culture


Ilona Zsolnay: ancient, particularly ancient Near East. and masculinities

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