The major provides opportunities for a more international and transnational perspective on contemporary global issues including the possibilities and problems associated with economic and cultural globalization, migration, and diaspora.

The Major Includes Four Concentrations

1) Women's Studies 

2) Sexuality Studies 

3) Global Gender Studies

4) Gender and Health

Within these concentrations, majors may choose from an array of interdisciplinary courses. For example, in the Women’s Studies concentration, students may choose themes such as “Women and Literature,” “Women’s History,” and “Feminist Theory.”

Requirements for the Major - 13 Credit Units

1 c.u.: Gender and Society (GSWS 002)
1 c.u.: a methods course
1 c.u.: Feminist Theory (GSWS 320)
2 c.u.: GSWS 400 (thesis course taken during the fall and spring semesters of one's senior year)

5 interdisciplinary courses in the student’s field of concentration

3 courses related to gender, sexuality, or women, all within one academic discipline

To declare a major in GSWS please make an appointment to meet with Dr. Demie Kurz (dkurz at and fill out this form.

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