THE COLLECTION: short fiction from the transgender vanguard
Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 4:00pm

Kelly Writer’s House, 3805 Locust Walk

THE COLLECTION: short fiction
from the transgender vanguard

COLLECTION is the first compilation
of literary fiction featuring transgender protagonists.  While transgender authors have long
participated in thriving arts communities, never before has a single volume
sought to gather literary fiction along this theme.  “The writers chosen for THE COLLECTION
represent some of the best trans work that is being done in North America
within this genre,” said co-editor Tom Léger, “and putting them all together in
one place is an unprecedented step forward as a unified movement.”  Among the authors are Carter Sickels (“The
Evening Hour” Bloomsbury USA 2012), Ryka Aoki (“Seasonal Velocities”
Trans-Genre Press 2012), Everett Maroon (“Bumbling Into Body Hair” Booktrope
2012), Susan Jane Bigelow (“Broken” Candlemark & Gleam 2011), Casey Plett
(McSweeney’s), and Katherine Scott Nelson (“Have You Seen Me” CCLAP 2011,
Lambda Literary Finalist).  After an
international search lasting 16 months, a total of 28 authors from the US and
Canada were chosen to contribute fiction to THE COLLECTION.  Their work
represents not only an array of gender identities, but also narrative styles.

Topside Press, founded in 2011, is a new
independent press with the intent of publishing authentic transgender
narratives.  Visit