Join us for the 2016-2017 Works-in-Process Lunch Series

October 13, 2016

Please join us for this year's Works-in-Process Lunch Series:

October 27: Shenila Khoja-Moolji, APC and DCC Post-Doctoral Fellow (Discussants: Jamal J. Elias and Sigal Ben-Porath)

  • Towards a Genealogy of
    the Educated Muslim Woman/Girl in Colonial India and Postcolonial
    Pakistan (1857–2015)

November 7th: Megan Robb, Religious Studies (Discussants: Fariha Kahn and Kathy Brown)

  • Urban Emotions in Seclusion: An Early-Twentieth Century Muslim Wedding in Shahjahanabad.

February 9: Mona Morgan-Collins, APC Visiting Scholar & Post-Doctoral Fellow, Political Science (Discussants: Marc Meredith and Kathy Brown)

  • Votes for and by Women: Re-examination of the Traditional Gender Voting Gap.

March 21 Eva Del Soldato, Italian Studies (Discussants: Emily Wilson and Ann Moyer)

  • If Aristotle were alive. The history of an expression.

April 12: Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, History of Art (Discussants: TBA)

  • We will be discussing Dr. Shaw's TCPW Faculty Research Grant funded research: Reviving May Howard Jackson

Time: noon-1:30p

Location: GSWS Conference Room, 3810 Walnut

APC Faculty Works-in-Process Lunches are a forum for Penn faculty and other scholars to present and receive feedback on their work in an informal setting. Those who attend the seminar will receive a copy of the "work-in progress" ahead of time. At the session, two respondents speak briefly (5-10 minutes) about the paper and then the session will be opened for discussion. Please let us know if you are interested in scheduling a WiP Seminar.