Reflections on the 2016 Election from the APC/GSWS Community

November 15, 2016

APC/GSWS, Stronger Together, Nancy Hirschmann, Director APC/GSWS & Political Science

are many reasons that Hillary Clinton lost her historic bid to be the first
female president of the United States; and it turns out that a lot of it was
due to her failure to follow James Carvel’s 1992 slogan: “it’s the economy,

All of the Above, Heather Love, English and APC/ GSWS Executive Board Member

am not sure it is apt to call the mix of panic, grief, and anger that I’ve been
feeling since the election thinking.
Like many others, I’ve been tormented by an obsessive curiosity that doesn’t
seem all that productive

A Much Larger, More Fundamental Difference, Victoria Gillison, GSWS Major

I’ve always considered myself a tolerant individual. I believe in
respecting the rights and opinions of all people, even when starkly different
than mine. However, to say that the 2016 election did not turn out the way I
expected would be an understatement.

Now, More Than Ever, GSWS Graduate Student Advisory Board

election has revealed why now, more than ever, we need the critical tools and
perspectives that the fields of gender, sexuality, queer, and women's studies
give us.

The Personal Is as Political as Ever, Melissa E. Sanchez, English and APC/GSWS Executive Board Member

With his notorious claim
that Mexican immigrants are rapists, Donald J. Trump opened his candidacy by
reviving a myth—at least as ancient as the classical story of the Rape of
Lucretia—in which white women stand in for the endangered homeland.

Urgent Lessons, Kathy Brown, History and APC/GSWS Executive Board Member

am ashamed of our country for electing Donald Trump. As a candidate, he stirred
the electoral pot, licensing people harboring all kinds of ugly hatefulness
against people of color, Muslims, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and women,
to come out menacingly into the open.