Reflections on the Women’s March from the APC/GSWS Community

January 30, 2017

on the Women’s March from the APC/GSWS Community

Feminist Apprenticeship, Wendy Grube, Practice Associate Professor; Interim Director, Center
for Global Women’s Health; Director, Women’s Health Gender-Related Nurse
Practitioner Program; GSWS Affiliated Faculty

very air around The Women’s March in Philadelphia was different. It vibrated
with excitement, as generations of women gathered together wearing pink hats
and carrying signs that said things like “Love Trumps Hate” and “Girls just
want to have fun…damental rights”. 

Inspiring Experience
, Demie
Kurz, Co-Director,

to the Women’s March in D.C. was an inspiring experience for me. Since the
presidential election I continue to wake up in the morning fearful for our
country. While remaining deeply concerned, since going to the march I have more

Self-Reflective March
, Rachel
Stonecipher, Doctoral Student,
Annenberg School for Communication; GSWS Certificate Student

My partner and I had arrived at a nearby
coffee shop south of the march, a half-hour before, to gather with other
students from my grad program. It was chilly outside, and the atmosphere on the
street matched the steeliness of the air. 

Not Just For a Day, Anne Teitelman, Associate Professor, Nursing & OB/GYN (Med); Term
Chair in Women’s Global Health; APC/GSWS Executive Board Member

I felt moved to join the
Women’s March in Philadelphia on Jan 21st as a way to express my
disapproval about many of Trump’s policies and the impact they will have on
women and many others in our communities here in the US and around world.
 I remember as a teenager, growing up in Chicago, when abortions were

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