Jennifer Ponce de León (English, APC/GSWS Executive Board Member), curates Resurgent Histories, Insurgent Futures for the Slought Foundation – on display until October 7

September 29, 2017

Jennifer Ponce de León, Assistant Professor, English and APC/GSWS Executive Board Member, curated Resurgent Histories, Insurgent Futures for the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia.

The exhibition documents incisive instances of cultural guerrilla warfare from across the Americas: artistic practices engaged in struggles over political narratives, the meanings and direction of history, and the forging of collective futures. These experimental practices – which challenge codified conceptions of art – produce and disseminate culture in modes not beholden to state ideological apparatuses or the siloing of forms of knowledges these promulgate. Some of them also infiltrate official institutions and their representational protocols, using guerrilla tactics, critical mimicry, and biting irony to expose their sociopolitical functions or economic dealings that otherwise remain obscured.

The exhibit features the work of participating artists and groups Etcétera..., Grupo de Arte Callejero, Iconoclasistas, Fran Ilich, The Pocho Research Society for Erased and Invisible History, and Frente 3 de Fevereiro.

The exhibit is on display through October 7.

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